Part 2b The Physics behind the James Roney Stator

An in depth look into the physics behind the James Roney Stator. A must***ch for those looking to build magnetic motors with torque, which is a requirement to handle a heavy load. Just because someone can design and successfully build a working magnetically driven motor, does not mean it has the strength to run as a generator to power a home, or power a car or bus for that matter. If you have not seen Mylow's working magnetic driven motor, his videos area must***ch. Go to the center of my channel to see his video. With that said, I have done my best to answer frequently asked questions about my James Roney Stator in regards to exactly why and how my stator does what**does. I hope this helps. ______________________________________ The US Invention Secrecy Act, t**le 35, Chapter 17 of the United States Code: As for government suppression of certain inventions, there is a written US law that states the guide lines in which they will or will NOT block your device. It's called, The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951. t**le 35, Chapter 17 of the United States Code. A magnetically driven motor falls under this act. Believe it or not**does. Magnet motors could be used in Civil defense for submarines to army trucks, and for on board, (in flight) missile guidance systems, which would be exempt from EMP. The list goes on. It's for this very reason why I feel this invention as well as the inventors have all mostly disappeared. That's why I am doing mine via open source and no traditional patents. ______________________________________ 12 SEPT GUIDELINE Per numerious request, I am making the following guidlines available for those making videos demonstrating that there is no trickery in their science project. For the most part, this will shut the skeptics up, all while giving your video the highest credibility possible. Recommended procedures for doc**enting an invention via video can also help you in a US court of law to defend yourself**ainst other would be inventors, making the same claim as you. Whoever patents it first is the winner. (1) Room is to be extremely well lit with bright light. (2) Object is to be placed in the center of a room on a gla**table. (remove all other objects) (3) The device must be running no less than 9 minutes in the video, non-stop. (4) The camera must never pan away from the object for one single second. (5) Camera must show the room with at least 6 to 8 feet of free space all around the table. (6) Camera must continually move around the object most of the time as well as under the table. (7) If there is any noise from the machine at all, people need to hear that as well. (8) Make sure there are no phone chords or wires anywhere around that may accidentally get in the shot. (9) Bare floor is a must, as wires and flux generators can be hidden in thick carpet, even behind walls. (10) The video footage must be uncut. (11) Take a close shot of the front cover of today's major newspaper showing date and headline before you start the machine. (12) Device must start within 60 seconds of beginning of video. Foot Note. Be sure to constantly show everyone that there is nothing above that could be making the device work all while constantly showing people there is nothing under or around the gla**table that could be making it work, even looking upwards through the gla**table. Be sure you can easily walk fully around your invention at all times. You should also place a lit candle on the table as to show you are not using air to blow the wheel around in circles. REMEMBER: At all times, never accidentally let the your invention get out of sight of the video camera for one second, or you will have to start all over again. (Parts list found in description) I am using the following magnets: ---------------------------------------- ------ 1"x1"x1/4" N42 Square Neodymium Magnets Part Number: BX0X04 1"x1/4" Neodymium ring magnets with 1/4"hole in middle. Part number RX054-N52 2"x1"x1/4" - N52 Neodymium magnets. Part number: BY0X04-N52 I've been buying them at: K. J. Magnetics A Great Source For The Worlds Strongest Magnets! You need a set of 36 of each, with the exception that you only need 4 bar magnets, 8 at the most. The right magnets are not cheep, but in the bigger scheme of things it's well worth the extra money. Hope this helps. _ Category: Science & Technology Tags: James Roney stator fuel-less magnetic motor free energy neodymium over unity self running powered

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   james roney stator fuelless magnetic motor free energy neodymium over unity self running powered   

james roney stator fuelless magnetic motor free energy neodymium over unity self running powered

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