Worlds First Photo of Two Adams Motors with BackEMF Gain

Advanced (arguably, improved) Adams Motor by two Vancouver Gadgeteers. This seems to be the very first display of two Adams Motors in just a single photograph. ( 6 0 4 ) 7 3 9 - 7 7 1 7 Can we build a Adams or Bedini motor for you? Do you want a DVD with four months of meetings on building and testing Adams and Bedini motors? Contact me. We do not claim over-unity. You cannot test a prototype model of this size on a dynometer. Robert George Adams (of New Zealand 1920-2006) developed what is now called the Adams Switched Reluctance Pulsed DC Permanent Magnet Motor Generator. (The terminology is idiosyncratic, because the design is not that of a traditional switched reluctance motor). Reluctance is the measure of the opposition to magnetic flux, analogous to electric resistance. In the description of the motor's operation developed by Harold Aspden Ph.D, pulsing the stators electrically is said to switch the reluctance or opposition to the rotor magnets. Working in collaboration with Harold Aspden, theories about the Aether and the motor's alleged interaction with this medium were developed. Adams sought patents for his work (and has received a UK Patent, GB2282708, with Aspden Harold). Debates over the motor's power measurement still exist, with the thermal methodology originally employed open to question. Further claims made by Adams that Ohm's law is not valid for the apparatus, tend to further confuse output measurement. Furthermore, it is this size is too small to put on a dyno. However, the torque seems substantially unexpected given the small draw on the battery. Just one of our Personal Energy projects. What the Gadgeteers Have Done So Far To order, please send your payment to: R. Matthies 306-349 E. 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC, V5T 1J9 IMPORTANT: We have been losing mail to/from buyers. Please advise if this has happened. We are not the only HHO seller that this has happened to! Also, someone like a "Mr. Big" has managed to "doctor" at least one component in the Meyer patent, Fig. 1 in his original patent. Someone out there, who is quite powerful, doesn't want HHO to succeed.

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