EFIE and PWM Wiring Diagram for HHO Systems

If your a newbie (like me) and dont really know what goes where when it comes to wiring, check out this vid, it might help. AH Oh yea here are some links that have some good info about EFIE and PWM stuff. http://www.internationalhydroxy.com/articles/general-information/efie-electronic-fuel-injection-enhancer-described.html http://www.fuelsaver-mpg.com/documents.html http://hhohuntsville.com/Hho_electronics.html http://www.internationalhydroxy.com/articles/general-information/efie-electronic-fuel-injection-enhancer-described.html If anyone has any more good links, drop a line & I will post them here. Oh and thanks to crob227 for informing that in line resetable circuit breakers you can be purchaced at heating and are conditioning supply stores.

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