Vacuum into H2O HHO

Still in a very experimental stage with my set up. The radiant spikes coming out to the secondary banks (ie: HHO electolizer) in the bedini circuit work as others have claimed and have illustrated before this video. My model is simply an illustration of how one might attempt to create a situation whereby you can dial in a specific resonant frequency in your circuit to enhance HHO production at very low amperage. My observations are that the brown appearance in the water was as a result the use of positve ion flow into the electrolizers, creating oxidization and rust (brown water). This no longer appears to be an issue using radiant vacuum energy in the form of a negative DC Potential (high voltage spikes). My next step is to use the frequencies that Stan Meyer had uncovered to generate a sort of chaotic resonance that i hope will increase fracturization of water into HHO gas. This in addition to a new and hugely more effiecent model of electrolizer should put this experimental model over the edge toward generating a useable volume of HHO gas. For more information go to for more video and a thread of my project from the begining at Also my project website at

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  darcy klyne energetictubecom bedini hho electrolizer vacuum radiant negative dc  

darcy klyne energetictubecom bedini hho electrolizer vacuum radiant negative dc

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