Water Boiling Water by TheDude

Thanks to Nic Waterman for the use of his song Basasamba as well as Lume for the intro Water sounds. :) For information regarding the Hydrogen/Oxygen separator cell seen in this video go to http://www.hho-research.au.com. More discussion about this set up can be found here http://www.energeticforum.com/renewable-energy/8078-separator-cell-hho-research-com-au-build-thedude.html#post140559 This is a pure hydrogen flame. It burns expansively through combustion with the oxygen in the ambient air with only water vapour as a by product. It has a flash rate much more similar to that of gasoline and will not affect the timing of a combustion engine in the way HHO gas does, having the oxygen impregnated with in the Hydrogen gas, vastly increasing its flash rate. HHO gas nearly collapses through combustion undoing the effectiveness of the hydrogen within the combustion chamber of an engine. Here is a simple video demonstrating that for less than 130watts we can generate flame that will boil 1/4 cup of water in less than 40mins. Not the most efficient transfer of heat by any means. Not trying to prove anything here really. Just something I wanted to do. :P Thanks for watching. Love and light!

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