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http://www.TheBoaters.TV EP 78 - First Up...Planning Your Next Fishing Trip Just Got a Little Easier Thanks to BoatUsAnger.com. nnnA new fishing and charter locator has been added to the BoatUSAngler.com website. The website is the online home of BoatU.S. Angler, a membership program that offers services, fishing tips and safety information just for trailer boat anglers. According to BoatU.S. Angler Director Mike Pellerin: "Whether you are thinking about staying in state or traveling across the country, BoatUSAngler.com can help you make the right choice when seeking professionals and other charter operators.... Anglers can easily search by region, state or even by species." nnThe Fishing Guide and Charter locator also includes an informal rating system that allows customers to share their experiences online. The "Scales and Tales" cartoons by Bill McElroy, on the site, are entertaining. Let us know which ones made you laugh on http://TheBoaters.com/forums!nnnNext up...The Volitan is Making Waves with It's Sleek Design...The creators were thinking beyond tradition when they designed the Volitan. nnnA new lightweight and futuristic concept boat for everyday people like you and me , the Volitan has gone green using solid sails, wind and solar energy. See the YouTube video of the Volitan here. Her name comes from a word meaning "flying fish" and it suits her well. The Volitan's systems are controlled and optimized by a networked computer. Wind and solar energy are stored while sailing--giving you enough power to stay through the day and night. The wings automatically fold up in extreme weather conditions and are engineered to operate in 60 mph of wind. Dr. Hakan Gursu and Assistant Director Sozum Dogan can take credit for this beauty. The boat holds the title to the International Design 2007 award for best nautical boat and best transportation vehicle of the year. For more information visit the designer's website at www.Design-Nobis.com. nnnMoving on...A Quick (and Quick-Growing) Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea! nnnFinally...Alicia's TheBoaters.com Sealebrity Profile Pick of the Day: Captain Richard AND Janice Martin and their 37-foot 1983 Cooper Banner Sailboat, Gandalf III Catch the profile at http://www.theboaters.com/boats/profile?boatId=464.nnnTheBoaters.TV airs 6-8 minute episodes every M, W, & Friday at http://www.TheBoaters.TV - also available on iTunes. nnPlease subscribe!

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