Reconditioning my Ipod battery now lasts 12 hrs continuous

PLEASE READ THIS COLLECTION OF RESEARCHnJuly 13th, 2007nThis is a videos I made of my Bedini SG generator that has the ability to recondition batteries. The original purpose of these machines is to charge several batteries (at once in some conditions) with only one primary battery, which won't go dead for months (in my case, but years for others) if used only with this machine. You may have noticed that the 6v lantern battery was changed, as well as the transistor, this is because I had used the red 6v battery for other experiments and it was very old, thus it was around 3.5v when I first started the experiment. As for the transistor, it had been blown, so I took a double transistor setup from an old power supply that had been sitting in my closet for about 2 years. The rather large heat sink in which that are accommodated, is not needed at all as the transistors do not heat up, nor the primary or charging battery, or anything else that would normally heat up. The tempurature of every component in this setup is always room temp.nThe secondary or charging battery is from an Ipod Shuffle 2nd Gen., it is a 3.7v Lithium-ion polymer. After many uses of this Ipod, the battery had become less and less efficient in terms of runtime, no matter how long it is charged. The battery had become sulfated, so this reconditioning chips away at the sulfated plates within the battery. I'm not sure if it is the same with smaller batteries like this one, but the results are the same. This is not the first battery I reconditioned, a small NiCd battery from a digital camera was also reconditioned and its runtime has quadrupled since then. This battery is still being tested in terms of runtime as compared to its previous runtime, which was about 30-40 minutes continuously ran. It has yet to die, and more will be posted on its official runtime when it finally dies. nnnJuly 29th, 2007nUPDATED NEWS ON HOW LONG THE BATTERY LASTED!! nAn Ipod shuffle has a small LED indicating how charged it is. Green=charged, orange=low battery, red=low to dead. Previously, the Ipod when fully charged, would stay green for about 30-40 minutes, then turn orange for a few minutes, then red and die.nnThe newly reconditioned battery ha**tayed green for about 400 minutes, which is about 6.7 hours, then it finally turned orange. Its still orange so a final value will come soon.nnJuly 30th, 2007nIt ha**tayed orange for about 1 hour, and then it turned red for a little over an hour (keep in mind, that before when it turned red, it would immediately die afterwards).nnSo, final results for this newly reconditioned Ipod Shuffle battery, used sporadically for many days, was 550 minutes, or about 9.2 hours. The Apple company retails their Ipods to run for 4 hours continuous, since this was used sporadically throughout a few weeks, it probably ends up the same, about 4 hours. But we shall see as I will recharge the Ipod again and use it continuously throughout one day. Updates will come soon for this**periment.nnnAugust 4th, 2007nFINAL UPDATE! I needed to test the Ipod both continuous runtime, and sporadic runtime (the way a person would normally use an Ipod, a little each day). Results for the sporadic runtime was recorded earlier. Results for a continuous runtime were just received, and gave me quite a surprise. I started the Ipod at 10:45am, it went dead 12.1 HOURS LATER, at 10:53pm. That's 728 minutes. nnWell there you have it, obviously it surpa**ed the 4 hour maximum runtime that Apple claims it will run, and keep in mind, when I bought the Ipod, it only ran about 45 minutes to an hour tops. I'm sure there are many of you out there that had that problem with your new Ipod. My Ipod shuffle now runs over 3 times longer (continuous use) and over 2 times longer (sporadic use) than market value. Thanks for watching. TAKE THAT APPLE!!!

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